Drupal Upgrade Services for Drupal 7, 8, 9, and 10

Drupal upgrade services for a high-performant, well-optimized, and secure digital experience.

Update Drupal without fear. Our Drupal upgrade services ensure that your website operates at peak performance, providing a seamless user experience. Our team of skilled experts meticulously handles the upgrade process, implementing the most advanced features of Drupal core, customizing your code and integrations, and ensuring your website remains secure and optimized.

During a Drupal update, upgrade, or Drupal migration, Drupal can encounter various issues that can hinder your website’s performance or even cause it to break. These can include module incompatibilities, theme conflicts, and database errors. The upgrade process requires careful planning, execution, and post-upgrade testing to identify and fix issues before they affect your live site. Our team of Drupal experts has the experience and knowledge to mitigate these risks. They follow a systematic approach to upgrades, ensuring that every aspect of your site is thoroughly checked and validated. This diligent process prevents potential problems, ensuring your Drupal website remains stable and efficient, even after an upgrade.

  • Detailed upgrade strategy
  • Custom code development and theme upgrades
  • Database and content migration
  • Security updates and patches
  • Post-upgrade support and maintenance

Drupal upgrade strategy

Our Drupal upgrade strategy and consulting service take a comprehensive approach to your website’s upgrade process. We begin with a complete audit of your current Drupal setup, identifying areas of potential risk and assessing the compatibility of your modules and themes with the new Drupal version. Post assessment, our team designs an upgrade strategy tailored to your unique needs, ensuring minimal disruption to your online presence during the transition. We provide guidance on version selection, module updates, and database migration, while also focusing on crucial aspects like SEO preservation and performance optimization.

  • Full audit of your current Drupal setup
  • Tailored upgrade strategy ensuring minimal disruption
  • Expert guidance on version selection and module updates
  • SEO preservation and performance optimization during upgrade
  • Continuous support and maintenance post-upgrade.

Drupal custom code and themes

Our team is proficient in developing custom code and themes tailored to your specific business requirements. During the Drupal upgrade process, a significant challenge can be updating existing custom code and themes to be compatible with the new version of Drupal. Addressing this, our experts meticulously refactor your custom code and themes, making them align with the latest Drupal coding standards. This ensures that your website maintains its unique look and functionality even after the upgrade. Our tailored solutions have a keen emphasis on responsive design, user-friendliness, and compatibility, creating an optimized digital experience for your audience.

  • Meticulous refactoring of your custom code and themes
  • Ensuring compatibility with the latest Drupal coding standards
  • Maintaining your website’s unique look and functionality
  • Emphasis on responsive design, user-friendliness, and compatibility
  • Creating an optimized digital experience for your audience.

Drupal database and content upgrades

Drupal database and content migration is a critical part of the upgrade process. It involves ensuring the seamless transfer of all your website’s data, including user accounts, content, files, and configurations, to the new Drupal version. Any oversight in this step could lead to data loss or corruption, impacting your website’s performance and user experience. Our team of Drupal experts diligently handles this process, mitigating any risks and ensuring a smooth transition. We use proven methodologies and tools for data migration, preserving the integrity of your data and maintaining the continuity of your operations during the upgrade process.

  • Seamless transfer of user accounts, content, files, and configurations
  • Diligent process to mitigate risks and ensure smooth transition
  • Use of proven methodologies and tools for data migration
  • Preservation of data integrity and operational continuity
  • Continuous support and maintenance post-migration.

Drupal security updates and patches

Maintaining the security of your Drupal website is paramount, especially during the upgrade process. We understand that every Drupal site is unique, and thus, requires a tailored approach to ensure its security. Our team will provide the latest security updates and patches during the upgrade process. This includes scrutinizing your site for any potential vulnerabilities, applying necessary security patches, and updating modules and core files to their most secure versions. We follow Drupal’s security advisory to apply updates, ensuring your website remains protected against potential threats.

  • Scrutiny of the site for potential vulnerabilities
  • Application of necessary security updates and patches
  • Updating modules and core files to most secure versions
  • Adherence to Drupal’s security advisory for updates
  • Continuous support and maintenance post-upgrade.

Drupal post-upgrade support

The post-upgrade phase is as critical as the upgrade itself. Our commitment to your Drupal website does not end with the completion of the upgrade process. We offer tireless post-upgrade support and maintenance, ensuring your website performs optimally and remains secure. Our comprehensive post-upgrade services include regular system health checks, performance monitoring, security audits, and necessary updates. By choosing our team, you opt for peace of mind, knowing that your website is in the hands of capable and dedicated professionals, who are always ready to respond to your needs and concerns.

  • Regular system health checks and performance monitoring
  • Routine security audits and necessary updates
  • Immediate response to any arising issues
  • Dedicated team of professionals at your service
  • Ensuring optimal performance and security of your website post-upgrade.

Ready to upgrade your Drupal website for optimal performance and security? Our experts await your call. Get in touch with us today to discuss your upgrade requirements and experience seamless Drupal transformations.

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