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Frequently Asked

What services does Melity offer?

Melity offers a wide range of services including Drupal development, Drupal maintenance, Drupal migration, custom PHP development, MySQL database management, and UI/UX consulting. We specialize in creating, optimizing, and maintaining digital solutions that cater to your unique needs.

What industries does Melity serve?

Melity serves a wide range of industries, including but not limited to healthcare, e-commerce, education, government, and non-profit organizations. Our adaptable solutions cater to the unique requirements of each industry.


Why should I choose Melity for my Drupal development needs?

Melity boasts a team of seasoned Drupal professionals with a deep understanding of the platform. We offer end-to-end solutions, from development to maintenance and support. Our expertise ensures that your Drupal project will be executed efficiently, securely, and tailored to your business requirements.

What industries does Melity serve?

Certainly! Our Drupal migration process involves a thorough assessment of your current system, planning for migration, data mapping, migration execution, testing, and validation. We take steps to ensure data integrity, accuracy, and minimal disruption during the transition. Post-migration support and backup services are included to safeguard your data.

How does Melity ensure data security in MySQL database management?

Melity places a strong emphasis on data security. We implement strict access controls, encryption protocols, and regular security audits to protect your data. Our backup and recovery services provide an additional layer of security to ensure data is never lost.


What sets Melity’s UI/UX consulting services apart?

Our UI/UX consulting services focus on creating engaging and intuitive user experiences. We prioritize user interface design, prototyping, usability and accessibility testing, and software consulting. Our approach is data-driven, ensuring that your digital solutions align with user preferences and industry standards.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance for Drupal websites?

Yes, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services for Drupal websites. Our team conducts regular system health checks, performance monitoring, security audits, and updates to ensure your Drupal site remains secure and efficient post-development.


How can I get started with Melity’s services?

Getting started with Melity is easy. Simply reach out to our team through our website’s contact form or give us a call. We’ll discuss your specific needs, provide a tailored solution, and guide you through the process from there.


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